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Pet Check by FurEver Pet Guardian

For the safety and security of your pets !

What is Pet Check and Who is Eligible ?

PetCheck is a contact service to check on you and your pets on a regular basis. How often you want us to check-in is completely up to you. This service is designed for the safety of your pets for people who may not have contact with others on a regular basis.

Any pet owner is eligible for this service, regardless of whether their pets are enrolled in the FurEver Pet Guardian service or not.

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How Will I Be Contacted and Cost ?

We will send a message by phone, text message or email - it's your choice. Once your reply is received, we will know that you and your pets are doing fine. An additional message will be sent if a response from you is not received within 24 hours, and we will spring into action if no response is received.

PetCheck service starts at $25/month for Email, Text Messages or Telephone Calls. Please contact us for details.